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Rizqi Nizamil Putra is a husband, father of a little angel and Front-end Designer from Indonesia (GMT +7). Passionate about user centred design, accessibility, problem solving and absolutely CSS.

I’m currently looking for full-time remote work, and my real résumé is available upon request.

Most of my career experiences were working on the agency environment since 2013. I’ve ever worked with Bluelounge, PR360Global, TheLittleDoor, RocketOn and many more.

Nowadays front-end developer skill become biased. When frontend means fullstack, I stay on the side for a front-end that focuses on design. It doesn't mean I don't like Javascript but I believe Javascript is not only a solution. I primarily use Javascript to manipulate DOM and create micro interaction.

I do love designing experience and interface, but I'm not the kind of designer who can create beautiful illustration. I know about color theory, layout principle, typography and the most important thing is I know that my design can be converted into code by someone else.

So here I am, I'm not a Super Front-end Developer who knows everything like on the common job requirement. But if you need front-end developer who also do design, focused on CSS, care about user experience and accessibility, then you found the right one.

I have some side project that I've been working on:

  1. Boomkrak
  2. Freebbble
  3. Else? I’m open for collaboration though :)

Anyway, I wrote a list what I’m currently working on, it’s easy to check my current status now.

You can stalk me further on Twitter, Github, Dribbble, and Behance. Feel free to say hello by emailing hello@rizqi.im.

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